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Steelcase ESG Campaign

The Steelcase ESG Campaign is used to let our customers, employees, communities, partners and investors know what we’ve done currently to date and what our bold goals for the future are. We did that by promoting these goals by, paid and organic social promotions, our Impact Report as well as an ESG web experience.

Juxtaposition of Nature and People

The look and feel of the ESG campaign revolves around this juxtaposition of nature and people and how they interact and affect each other. This creates an emotional connection between Steelcase and their ESG goals.

Measuring the Impact

The Steelcase Impact Report digs deep into our commitment to ESG measurables throughout the current year. It is a seventy-seven page document detailing everything from how we tackle climate change, Covid-19, DEI, Social innovation and create a culture of trust and integrity. Steelcase continues to be a force for good.  

Connecting the Experience

The ESG web experience is an easy way for our customers, employees, communities, partners and investors to learn more about our ESG commitments. For over 100 years, leading organizations have trusted us to help them innovate and grow. We honor that trust by setting bold goals, keeping our commitments, conducting our business with integrity and helping to build a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable global society.