Merrell Out Perform Campaign

Establishing a look and feel for the Merrell Out Perform Campaign ran the full gamut from concept all the way thru retail execution. Showcasing how Merrell has always embraced the outside and the moments we share.

Merrel OutHike

Sharing Moments Outside

We pushed ourselves and the final design one step farther. Deploying the inspiration of Merrell’s embrace of sharing moments outside we challenged everyone to Achieve. Never Settle. Hit the Trail. & Out.Perform.

Merrell achieved their goal of letting everyone know that the products they love just got better, and if they don’t already know us and our products, they should.

Merrell OutDo Campaign 01
Merrell OutDo Campaign 05
Merrell OutDo Campaign 04
Merrell OutDo Campaign 03
Merrell OutDo Retail 01
Merrell OutDo 01

From Concept to Retail

Taking the tone and feeling from the campaign above this was then realized thru the Merrell consumer experience in the retail space. A catalog of guidelines and standard parts, graphics, and fixturing was created to make sure brand consistency was upheld.

Merrell OutDo 02